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Smile Solutions: Orthodontics for Growing Children

A radiant smile enhances a child's appearance and boosts confidence, leaving a lasting impression. Yet, problems such as crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw can diminish the quality of their smile.

Fortunately, early orthodontic assessment and intervention addresses these issues, ensuring children can enjoy beautiful smiles.

Benefits of early orthodontic check-ups and interventions

By the age of eight, children have a mix of milk teeth and permanent teeth. An oral examination at this stage helps orthodontists identify existing problems and any issues (malocclusions) that they are likely to develop. They can evaluate which treatment is best and when to start.

However, if intervention is delayed, the problems can worsen. For instance, untreated misalignments or overcrowding lead to chewing difficulties and speech impediments. It will also increase the risk of dental decay and gum disease.

Common Orthodontic issues in growing children

An orthodontist assesses various factors like the teeth and bite, facial growth pattern and facial balance to identify dental abnormalities in a child. This evaluation enables them to plan a suitable treatment approach to guide jaw and teeth development in the right way.

The common orthodontic issues seen in growing children include:

Based on the specific issue and its severity, a skilled orthodontist chooses the best
treatment to address the problem effectively.

Different types of orthodontic treatments for growing children

Various orthodontic treatments are available for growing children, each tailored to their unique needs and aimed at improving dental alignment and oral health. The common options include:

Duration of Orthodontic Treatment for children

Orthodontic treatment will be prescribed based on severity of the condition. It can range from one to three years, with regular orthodontist visits.

After the active treatment phase, there is a retention phase. During this phase, your child will have to wear a retainer to uphold the attained results as the teeth adjust to their new alignment.


Investing in your child's oral health through orthodontic treatment is a valuable step toward enhancing their health and confidence. Begin by booking a consultation at Green Health Dental to evaluate your child’s orthodontic condition.

Act today to gift them a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule your child’s consultation now!

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