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Green Health Dental Clinic

Green Health Dental Clinic is a conditioned expert in craftsmanship and the most respectable dental center in Doha, Qatar. The center is ergonomically planned, fastidiously arranged, and outfitted with cutting-edge services comparable to worldwide standards. Clinic provides coordinated specialized dental care under one rooftop.

Patients can unwind in Green Health Dental Clinic in the most well disposed of friendly climate, guaranteed of individual consideration and attention as we intently pay attention to concerns and needs, from consultation through to making a lovely grin. An educated assent will be disclosed cautiously to the patient for picking the most productive treatment alternatives.

Green Health Dental Clinic is a Multi-Specialty Clinic that fuses a mix of Dentistry, Artistry, and Science to furnish you with the best dental consideration that improves the personal satisfaction with the most extreme consideration and solace. We help you smile with confidence. Professional excellence and individual respect is our unqualified obligation to each person looking for dental consideration.

Green Health Dental Clinic keeps a green, sound and eco-accommodating climate, and is situated at the most serene and advantageous area in Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar with abundant parking spot.

Infection Control :
At Green Health Dental Clinic patient safety is of prime importance. Clinic operates under strict infection control protocol. In addition members of the team regularly attend workshops on sterilization to be determined and to be updated with latest guidelines and techniques.

Imaging Systems :
Radiology department is equipped with the high quality modern digital devices, with our thought of being digital means the radiation dose is negligible and the images can be obtained within seconds. The special softwares installed help to obtain a lot of information ensuring precise planning and effective treatment.

The Team :
Green Health Dental Clinic has a team of enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated Doctors, Nurses, Receptionists and Support Staff. The team provides the simplest and best treatment so as to make patients experience painless, comfortable and affordable. Whole team is committed to providing high quality dental care in a safe, clean and most comfortable environment.

Assuring quality services. We make no false promises.


Our mission is to provide Professional dental care services to our patients with advanced equipment and to build a trustful relationship with them. We are passionate about our profession and we want our patients to feel confident by providing the best care ever dentistry can extend.


Our vision is to give our patients a prominent dental care experience that will encourage a lifelong bond made with trust, love, and care. Green Health Dental Care team is constantly working to discover professional ways to give good care to our patients to get a splendid smile.

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